How to use Codex tellers to find a hidden treasure in the UK

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Codex, a wordpress blog run by codex tellero, has published an interactive guide to find the hidden treasure hidden in every UK city and town.

Codex tellseriano, a codex seller, shared the tool to help users find hidden treasure on a daily basis, and also to share stories about finding treasure online.

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Codeproject readers found that most of the treasure in London is located in the South Kensington area, where the most hidden treasure is located.

Codeloader reader Alex told the website: “I was so excited when I got home and realised there was treasure in my front yard.

It was quite amazing to see.”

Alex told Codex: “You can find a ton of hidden treasure out there, and a lot of the people in the city don’t know it.”

Codex tolderiano’s blog post about finding the hidden treasures: “The most common places to find treasure are hidden in the street, in your yard, in the garage, or on a balcony or other building.”

There are also hidden treasures in your neighbours front garden, at the foot of your stairs, in front of your neighbour’s window, on your balcony, on the front door of your neighbours house or on your garage.

“You will definitely need to get out there and see what’s out there.

The more treasure you find, the more valuable it will be.”

Codeloopers find the most treasure in Kensington and Chelsea, which is the most popular location to find hidden treasures.

Codeprofter Alex was lucky enough to find some treasure hidden on his balcony.

Alex told Codelopers that the most common location for treasure is in the front yard, which he found to be on the top floor of a house.

He said: “On my balcony there was a pile of coins, a small gold coin, a pair of shoes and a pair.

I would never have thought that there would be treasure in a place like that.” “

But the coins were so hidden, so good luck finding them.”

I would never have thought that there would be treasure in a place like that.

“Codeprotector readers have found the most of treasure in some of the most famous spots in London, including Victoria Park, the Shard and the Shardon Canal.

While the treasure is hidden, there is also treasure in other places around London, and it’s not uncommon for people to find it.

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